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Depilatory (hair removal)

Our waxes are specially selected, containing soothing and moisturising tea-tree oil for strip waxing.

Strip waxing

Full leg                                              £25.00

Full leg and bikini                               £30.00

Half  leg                                              £16.00

Under arm                                           £10.00   

Half arm                                               £9.00     

Full arm                                              £15.00

Eyebrow                                                £7.95  

Lip or chin                                           £6.00    

Bikini line sides only from                    £10.00  

Bikini line sides and top from               £12.00

Intimate waxing

using a specialty wax that is gentle for this sensitive area

Brazilian       A strip of hair is left- from £20.00

Hollywood  All intimate body hair is removed - from £27.00


We are a fully certified and insured  salon, using disposable Sterex needles.

10 Minutes £10.00      15 Minutes £12.00       30 Minutes £20.00

Treatments for your eyes

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