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Perfector Facials

Perfector is a gentle, none invasive and painless electronic facial treatment. Described as being a none-surgical face lift; low frequency micro-currents both strengthen & exercise the facial muscles as well as heal & regenerate any damaged tissue.

Perfector face lifting is a structured five stage anti-aging treatment. Beneficial to any skin type as it smoothes and tightens to leave a more refined & glowing complexion.

 Perfector helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, lifts jowls and cheeks and defines facial contours. The results are instantly visible.

We recommend beginning with a course of 12 treatments (6 weeks)

 followed by 1 maintenance treatment per month.

Course of twelve 1 hr treatments    £350.00

For optimum results we recommend a course of 12 treatments; take 2 per week for 6 weeks. Pay for 10 treatments & we will give you the last 2 free of charge.

Individual 1 hour treatment (Booster) £35.00

Following the course we recommend a booster treatment, once per month, to maintain the results.

Skin Enhancement (75 min) £45.00

This treatment is a full 1 hour prescription facial using the draining & toning programmes of the  Perfector machine for £7.50 extra.

Perfector Lift Combined treatment with a 30 min facial (90 min) £50.00

Full 1 hour Perfector treatment complimented by a 30 min prescription facial to include deep cleanse, skin exfoliation, mask & scalp massage.

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